This Blog is an unfolding story.  Join me and my Guide dog Trudy as we explore the world and face the uncertainties, joys and pitfalls of every day life.  Having just finished treatment for breast cancer, I am hurtling forward at a fast pace, determined to make the most of my life.

New posts will be published roughly once a week, covering a range of topics which may challenge your perceptions.  Some posts may be funny, others sad, and most somewhere in between.  My range of topics include Labradors/Guide dogs, The Funny Side of Life, The Everyday, Disabilities/Sight Impairment, Breast Cancer, and The Unexpected..   In other words, my Blog has no planned route and no Sat Nav!

Thank you for visiting!

2 comments on “About

  1. rachel malima says:

    wow nice one,,,,,,,,,!!!!

  2. alivia tjaden says:

    i love your blog so much. i read it daily. you are an inspiration. i wanna be just like you when i grow up! bye have an amazing day! hope it goes well! love you! bye!

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